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Board InverterThe Board inverter turns a board upside down to make processing possible on both sides without manual intervention. A board transfer cycle consists of infeed, flip or no-flip, and outfeed. Up to 10 different board transfer cycles can be stored. The machine is bi-directional and can receive and send boards both up- and downstreams.
Board TransferThe board transfer system is a sophisticated solution for dividing, merging, or rerouting production lines by transferring boards between them. The machine consists of a traverse unit and a board carrying shuttle conveyor.
DestackerThe Destacker separates a batch of PCBs and transports them one by one to the following machine.
PCB inspection liftThe PCB reject & inspection lift is an option for 1000mm and 1500mm conveyors, and enables Good or No Good PCB separation and inspection. The lift has three different work modes. Reject mode, inspection mode, and pass through.
Turn UnitThe Turn unit routes boards from 1, 2 or 3 infeed sides, to 1, 2 or 3 outfeed sides. Board infeed/outfeed routing can be fixed, based on board flow, and/or based on priority values set via the control panel. Outfeed routing can also be controlled by external signals such as Good/No Good board or by a barcode reader.
Turn Unit
Up and Down LiftUp and Down Lift
for pallets and solder frames, to be placed in the beginning or end of a production line. Standard or special infeed and outfeed heights.


Heating Conveyors
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